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Privacy Policy

BeatBalance may collect your anonymised drum performance data, as well as data relating to technical aspects of the device (device type and OS version) in order to allow refinement of the app’s learning features. Anonymised app performance and event data is collected using Google Analytics to improve app performance and usability. 

The device microphone is used to detect timing of drum strikes during use.

Performance data submitted to the Challenge mode may, at the user's discretion and with explicit permission, be publicly associated with the user's identity via social media profiles.

No audio captured by the microphone during practice sessions is stored on the device, with the exception that if the diagnostic mode in debug settings is activated, an audio file of the practice session will be generated and stored locally on the device. A warning is given before this mode is activated and any audio files generated are not automatically sent to the developer, but must be manually forwarded to the developer by.the user.

No personally identifying data (for example name, email address or location data) is collected or stored by the app.


The concepts and methods of operation for BeatBalance are patent pending, UK Patent Application numbers GB2005643.3 and GB1910077.5

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