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Getting started

To make the most of BeatBalance, you’ll need:

  • An iOS device (iPhone or iPad) using iOS 11 or higher

  • Wired headphones (see the FAQ on this topic)

  • A practice pad 

  • Some drumsticks

  • A desire to play better and the discipline to make it happen.


Set your practice pad up somewhere quiet as you usually would, and place your iPhone or iPad nearby. Closer is better, but anywhere within 1 metre/3 feet of your practice pad is fine. There should be a direct line of sight between the practice pad and your device so that the microphone can pick the sound of the pad up properly.


BeatBalance is used by performing exercises which you can arrange in a playlist. Each time you complete an exercise, we call that a performance. 


The first thing you should do is to calibrate your device. The process takes about a minute.


Once you’ve done that, you’ll go straight in to your first exercise. We’ve pre-loaded 3 exercises in your playlist to get you started: single stroke rolls at 60bpm, double stroke rolls at 80bpm and the Paradiddle Challenge.


Tap PLAY to begin. You’ll be given a two bar intro before the exercise starts.


You can control the volume of the metronome (quarter notes) and the pattern click (in this case, sixteenth notes) independently. 


As you play, assuming you’re in time, you’ll hear a descending set of tones that let you know the metronome (and the pattern click) is going to go silent. This will happen when you play accurately for two bars.


If your playing becomes inaccurate, the metronome will come back in to guide you. Play two full bars in time, and it will go silent again.


At the end of your exercise, you’ll see the performance summary screen, which gives you details of how you performed. You can explore information about your tightness, solidity and balance.


You can then choose to repeat the exercise, go to your playlist, or go straight to the next exercise in your playlist.

Once you’ve got comfortable with the app, go ahead and build yourself a playlist that suits your practice regime. And repeat. A lot.

If you’ve got questions, come to our forum or email us directly at

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